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Director's Statement

(written September 15, 2010)

There comes a time in everyone's life when the people around him start prodding with the dreaded question: "so, what are you doing now?" With college nearly over, the only thing I knew was a 9-5 job wasn't a good fit and that movies were the only thing that meant anything to me.

Many people tell you to follow your dreams, but few people do. As a 20-something kid, I was young enough to be ignorant of the marathon-like challenges involved in making a feature film, but if it didn't happen right after college, it probably never would.

Over the past two and a half years, the process of bringing Missing Pieces to life has been daunting and draining on every level imaginable. With a limited budget and limited resources, production has been plagued with problems. However, it has been blessed in more ways than cursed.

Any movie worth watching is not the result of a single person. It is a team effort. Missing Pieces is a case of remarkable contribution by countless professionals and community members alike. The actors and crew worked for free to take this commonly-shared dream of 'making a movie' and bringing it to life.

…One More Thing:

(written February 3, 2013)

…After an extra couple years of hurdles, hang-ups, and heartbreak, it's nice to say we're finally finished. Done. It's over! You can finally watch it!

It's uncertain what the future holds, but if this is the last movie we're able to make, we wanted to know we did our best. Despite the rough edges and lessons learned, I think we did. My only hope now is that those who worked on it feel proud of it, those we made it for find it, and those who hear about it feel inspired to forget negative voice of the world and go make something!